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CalMoto understands that our customers passion for riding.  We hear about you adventures nearly every time you visit the shop!  You share with us amazing stories that cover everything from overcoming obstacles to new experiences that give you the motivation and courage to explore new horizons. 
So we thought we needed to give you the opportunity to post your ride stories on our website to be shared with our community.  So come on all you closet bloggers out there, here is your chance to share your story!
How will this work?  Just share your story with us via the form located on the page below. Our panel of experts (ok, 3 or 4 of us) will read your submissions and choose the stories that get posted!  There is an approximate word limit of 750 words to the form so try and be concise, or split it into multiple submissions.
What’s in it for you?  Well, we already know you love to ride, and when you ride you need tires! So in appreciation for sharing your stories with us, the two winners of our monthly contest will receive a credit towards the mounting and balancing of a set of tires. An $85 Value! So get out and ride and share your experience with us!
Need an example of what we are looking for?  Here is an edited excerpt from a ride report our founder Kari did on a trip to Yosemite………
 My wife Gail and I spent a week in the area around Yosemite National Park, and we explored the surrounding area by dirt bike, jeep and on foot. Here are some suggestions for GS adventuring that you are not likely to find on the regular maps, or that may be on the maps but have discouragements like "Road Closed" signs to alarm you.
Our first full day of dirt riding was spent in the area around Cherry Lake, just northwest of Hetch Hetchy reservoir, on various graded dirt forestry service roads. The goal of our outing was Jawbone Falls, (courtesy of Bonnie Kellogg & Tim Cannard), a destination we last visited many years ago…….
…….Our last day of exploring was spent on the R 80 G/S and we stayed on reasonably well-marked roads with specific destinations. We started at camp (Cherry Lake Road) and headed east about 6 miles on Hwy 120, turning right on Harden Flat Road. (The sign says Harden Flat and Berkeley Camp.) This road passes a number of camps, and after the Berkeley Camp, watch for Forestry Service Road # 1S12 on the right. This well-graded dirt road winds through old lumbered areas above Big Creek Basin and eventually arrives at Five Corners (name describes it...). Here you can backtrack on 2S01 to the summit of Pilot Peak, or go straight across and continue on 1S12 in the direction of Eagle Peak and Little Nellie Falls. 1S12 follows the contours of the hillsides, through forest-fire cleared areas grown up with berry bushes (lots of bear scat) and a couple of tricky intersections... watch for 2S91, branching off to the right, for a short ride up and back to the top of Eagle Peak and a look right up the Yosemite Valley past El Cap and Half Dome! After the Eagle Peak turn-off, you continue about a mile on 1S12 and watch for a sharp downhill turn to the left. It is not marked, but it is brown clay dirt, quite different from the gravel of the main road. This short downhill leads to Little Nellie Falls, your shady glen for lunch. After a break to enjoy the falls, perhaps take a dip in the bathtub-sized basin at the foot of the falls, you are ready to take a little more challenging ride out. Follow the road directly across the creek and head up the other side. This is Forestry Service Road 2S84, but it may not be marked. Watch out for washouts, and pick your path to stay out of the big bike-eating ruts! Partway up is a gate, which is unlocked, but closed by a rock. Be sure to shut this after you, to keep the cows where they are supposed to be. At the next intersection turn right on Old Coulterville Road (2S84), and follow this road down into Foresta, a collection of summer houses just inside the Park. Continue on this road, past the signs that say Road Closed/Bridge Out, and go another mile or so south to Foresta Falls. You can't miss it, it is just above an old concrete bridge, and is quite a beautiful spot. This is the recommended turn-around spot. If you continue down this road, you will have to go around a locked gate, and you will find the road gets progressively more and more difficult. I did not go all the way to the bottom, so there is no assurance that you can get out in El Portal as the map shows... it might be impassible and you might have to ride all the way back up. Whoever completes this section, please let me know! Otherwise the ride to the Foresta Falls is worthwhile in itself, and when you return to Foresta you can take the paved road back up to the main Yosemite Highway 140 that leads down into the Park or back to 120. If you do not want to backtrack on pavement, you can ride back to Five Corners and take Forestry Service Road 20 back to Anderson Flat and Kinsley, then take 2S05 back to Briceburg and Hwy 140. This route even turns up on some AAA maps, and is easy enough for even a street bike. The road ends with a spectacular switchback descent into the Merced River valley, with great views in all directions. Briceburg is about 8 miles north of Mariposa, where you can get gas, food and lodging, and rest up for the ride home.
Thanks and we are looking forward to your submissions!
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