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On the first Sunday of each month, CalMoto hosts a shop ride for our customers, a tradition that has been going on for over 14 years now. These rides are generally announced 2 weeks in advance on our website. You can also get a newsletter containing the ride specifics sent to you by e-mail by signing up for our EMoto club on the website.
Our rides vary in length and are designed to help you get to know some of the lessor known ride options in the area. These are casual, informal rides and always include a nice lunch or brunch stop. Please accept my personal invitation to come ride with us! - Michael Meissner.
Sunday Ride Protocols
  • Ride notes: This is an informal ride, and as always, remember that this is a social ride; your safety and the safety of your fellow riders is paramount. As a reminder here are some basic group ride protocols which you may also find useful for your own rides.
  • Safe speed: The safe speed for road conditions will differ from rider to rider. You are responsible to pick a pace that is comfortable and within your ability. There will be plenty of opportunities to regroup. Never ride beyond your limits in an attempt to keep up with another rider! Safe distance: Do not follow closely; leave a safe distance between you and the next rider. It is especially important to avoid following closely on secondary roads where you can't see around the next corner and circumstances can change without warning. Passing: If you must ride faster than the rider in front of you, put your blinker on and pass. If you see a rider behind you preparing to pass, move over. There is little point to passing when riding in a group, however. We all get there about the same time... Lane discipline: Never cross the double yellow line! Always stay in your lane, and pick your line accordingly.
  • Passing: If you are prepared to ride faster than the rider in front, put your blinker on and pass. If you see a rider behind you preparing to pass, move over and give plenty of room. Don't speed up! Stopping: If the group stops, pull off the road completely. When the group starts, be sure to look over your shoulder for approaching traffic before you pull out after the person in front of you. Don't assume it is clear just because they pulled out...
  • Breakdowns: The sweeps and riding friends may stop and provide assistance. It is not safe for the entire group to stop for one rider unless there is plenty of room to pull off the road. Taking off early: It is fine to head home early, but it is appreciated if you let the others in the group or the sweeps know so we don't wait around or go looking for you.

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